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Code of Conduct for Volunteers

The purpose of the Code of Conduct for Volunteers is to set out standards of behaviour expected from volunteers of Sapphire Youth Development Center. All volunteers should ensure that they have read and comply with this Code of Conduct.

Volunteers should maintain the highest standards of behaviour in the performance of their duties by:

Volunteers are expected NOT to:

Where a volunteer is found to be in breach of the standards outlined in this Code of Conduct or any of Sapphire Youth Development Center's other policies and procedures this may result in the volunteer's position being terminated. Notwithstanding the foregoing, volunteers should note that [insert Charity's name] may terminate a volunteer's position without cause.

Volunteers acknowledge that no employment relationship is created in the context of their role with Sapphire Youth Development Center.

The board of charity trustees will review the Code of Conduct for Volunteers at [3]-year intervals or as appropriate. The [insert details/title of appropriate member of charity's personnel] is responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented effectively. All other staff and volunteers, including charity trustees, are expected to facilitate this process.

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