Benefield Elementary

Sapphire provides educational and recreational programs available to youth Pre-K – 12th grade. Our goal is to equip and develop youth creating pathways to success. Here are a few of the programs we are offering at Benefield Elementary...

Tutoring Program
Strengthen overall academic skills, Increases good study habits, Improves self-esteem and can help them become an independent learner. We do this by offering Small Group Tutoring Pods, Homework help and assistance with mastering difficult concepts.
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Theater and Arts
Dance helps develop their physical and mental coordination while our Theater program teaches them social skills and builds a strong work ethic. They will have the opportunity to learn various Dance disciplines like: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and participate in our theater program and learn acting / improvisation.
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Mentoring & Leadership
With mentoring our goal is to build an open, nurturing, and trusting relationship while instilling core values and building self-esteem. Our Leadership Development program will teach them various skills, ensuring they learn the principles needed to become the leader they are destined to be.
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