Mentoring Program

mentoring  young ladies image With mentoring our goal is to build an open, nurturing, and trusting relationship while instilling core values and building self-esteem, with the focus of being a friend and guide. Someone they can count on. Someone they can talk to and express their innermost feelings. We do all this in an effort to help them navigate through the pressures of life while instilling the core values of integrity, excellence, accountability, and self-discipline.

* ‘Arising Dawn’ is our Mentoring Program for At-Risk Girls
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One on one Mentoring
This is where we pair up a mentor and a mentee. They both fill out questionnaires that are used during the pairing process where we do our best to match up a mentee with the right mentor. It is the goal that we help foster and nurture a relationship that will span at a lifetime. All mentors are trained and given the support and tools that enable them to be effective in helping their mentee navigate life's issues, build self-esteem, and put them on the path to long term success.

Group mentoring
Here we use questionnaires as input into the process of placing mentees in groups that are age-appropriate and have some similar goals in mind. We then assign the group a mentor that will facilitate team building activities and foster honest and engaging conversations on topics that affect their lives. The goal here is to help the group build bonds that encourage members to self-medicate when necessary. We focus on building bonds that initiate individual self-esteem as they work to encourage one another along life's journey.