Voice and Piano


Sing! Students will learn to use their complete instrument, breath control, posture, dynamic control, vocal pedagogy.

Private lessons are available and include the study of German and Italian diction for students preparing for All-State and or collegiate level auditions. Students are classically trained in techniques when it comes to the protection, health, and strength of their instrument. We teach how to safely and efficiently use your instrument for whatever genre of music you choose.

Price: $35 Weekly or $130 Monthly

Intro to Piano and Music Theory


We offer piano to youth, Pre-K through 5th grade. In these lessons, students are introduced to fingering, early music theory, and the wonderful sound from the black and white ivory!!

If you or your child is already committed to an instrument, music theory sessions are a great idea! In these music theory sessions, students learn to read music, recognize key and time signatures, scales, chord recognition, and develop aural skills. Learn to SEE it and HEAR it!

Price: $35 Weekly or $130 Monthly