OneStop Centerville

Sapphire provides educational and recreational programs available to youth Pre-K – 12th grade. Our goal is to equip and develop youth creating pathways to success. Here are a few of the programs we are offering at OneStop Centerville...

We offer a variety of dance classes for all ages, beginner through Intermediate levels. Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, African Dance for ages 5-12, Teen classes in Afrobeat & Hip Hop and Adult classes in Afrobeat & Line Dance.
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This course will cover skills in observation, listening, mime, character development, improvisation, dialects, monologue and scene delivery, and memorization by way of acting exercises and games. Ages 8-14
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Voice Lessons
Students will learn to use their complete instrument, breath control, posture, dynamic control, vocal pedagogy. They will be classically trained in techniques when it comes to the protection, health, and strength of their instrument. Ages 8-12
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